Saturday, 17 January 2009

School Uniforms

Ever since I've taken more interest in fashion I've totally fallen in love with the school-uniform look. After a while I got obsessed even more, and that's because Gossip Girl TV series was aired. I just adore this series and I guess I would want to have all the clothes that they've got there, especially Blair's.

I've come up with a couple ideas of my own both inspired by Gossip Girl and school uniforms in general how I envisaged them before. This is probably only one of many of my outfits inspired by this theme, so the next ones can be expected in the upcoming posts.

Shirt with a Bow - H&M
Navy Cardigan - H&M
Navy Skirt - Atmosphere
Leopard Print Bag -
Shoes - Internacionale


  1. świetny zestaw. poszukuję takiej spódniczki, jak narazie bezskutecznie..

    PS. w jakich rejonach UK mieszkasz, jeśli można spytać?

  2. mieszkam w Szkocji..a dokladniej w Dundee :)

  3. I loved all your outfits seen so far! really lovely. I'll stop by regularly!!

  4. I WANT that bag !
    Ps : Blair, the only one.