Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Cast into the seasons
I want you to stay

Another hiatus happened on the blog, but finally I’ve overcome my laziness and write a little new post. I’ve visited my home town during the weekend and I’ve managed to get my mom to take a few photos of my outfit in between some errands. I’ve also been to this lovely flea market on Sunday and I’ve found a few treasures there (you can see some photos from that day on my instagram). It feels so sad that the weather is worse everyday and I have to wear tights again!. It seems impossible for August, but sadly true. As for the rest of the outfit I’m in love with this new Louche Trinity blouse from Surfdome and its collar is just perfect! You can find more of their clothing here, if you want to check them out! Also, I couldn’t resist buying another dungaree piece of clothing! This time it’s a dress, but I can’t seem to have enough of this cut

Blouse - Surfdome.com
Dungaree dress - River Island
Bag - Dorothy Perkins 

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  1. Masz wspaniałą koszulę! Każdy Twój zestaw to 100% Ciebie! Uwielbiam :)

  2. Świetne,uwielbiam style retro

  3. fantastyczna koszula!!! o spódniczce nie wspomnę! okrutnie mi się w tym zestawie podobasz:))

  4. such a cute outfit! I love your pinafore dress, it's so cute! :)
    Ester @ Drawing Dreaming

  5. nie zaskoczę nikogo, ale.. koszula robi swoje :D świetna


  6. Hey,
    great pictures and an amazing look! :)


  7. ślicznie!!! super sukieneczka!

  8. Jak to miło natrafić, przeglądając blogi na piękną rudą dziewczynę :) A i masz przepiękną koszulę.