Monday, 21 October 2013

See you walk away
Feeling okay, now
Happy now?

Wow! I've just had one of the best weekends ever! That's because of the Foals concert I went to on Saturday! Words can't express how awesome that gig was, but I can definitely say it's the greatest I've ever been to! It was wild and fun and I wished it never ended. The set list was amazing (they've played Hummer, which is quite rare and I really wanted to hear that live so bad!:D) and Yannis was totally crazy, jumping into the crown from the stage and from the balcony! - I loved it to pieces What's more I've also had a chance to meet and talk to the guys afterward and it was sooo exciting! They're just the loveliest people ever ♥ I love Foals even more now (didn't think that was possible!) and I think I might fall into post-gig depression now, I want to go back and experience it again and again and again.
Outfitwise, it's still summer on my blog! I present you with the most colourful piece of clothing in my wardrobe! I was a bit wary of its colour palette, when I first saw it, but the collar made me want to try it on and so I did and fell in love with it.
Enjoy your week, my dears! 

Dress - River Island
Satchel - H&M 


  1. I'm seeing them on sunday here in Barcelona!! I know it's gonna be amazing, cannot wait!!

  2. Ja rowniez lubie Foals:) Twoj blog, kazda stylizacja sa niezmiennie czarujace i magiczne. Bardzo lubie tu zagladac:))pozdrawiam Aga z Birds Closet

  3. Śliczna sukienka, pięknie w niej wyglądasz. :)

  4. rzeczywiscie bardziej kolorowo niz zwykle, ale nadal bardzo w Twoim stylu!

  5. nigdy nie byłam na koncercie "na żywo", ale domyślam się, że przeżycie musi być...i to niesamowite:D
    a Ty jak wiosna wyglądasz choć za oknami jesień!

  6. Nominowałam Cię do Liebster Award, taki łańcuszek ale z fajnym uzasadnieniem;)
    Więcej informacji tutaj:

    P.S. Śmiesznie zobaczyć nagle zielone drzewa, tyle kolorów i sandały, fajnie:)
    P.S.2. Też lubię Foals;)

  7. Kochana gdzie sie podziewasz??? ?Jak bedziesz w JG daj znac to sie spotkamy :*

    1. Czekamy na zdjęcia z wielkiego dnia ! :)

  8. Foalsi są najsłodsi na świecie !