Friday, 13 March 2009

Wind Of Gold

Another set of pictures from windy Scotland. Some time ago, more or less the time when I've had those pictures taken, it really started to feel like spring and I was so happy only at the thought of that, of not having to wear all of those layers of clothes and coats and of more opportunities of photos outside. Unfortunately, the bad weather came back.... honestly this is the signature weather of Scotland, which I hate. It's got cold again ... it's grey and it looks as if it's going to rain in a second... and that horrible wind! Actually I'm sure it's going to rain today!
Oh well, I guess that enough of my complaining about the weather!

Coming back to the outfit I'm wearing one of my favourite dresses, which is a kind of a prom dress with loads of tulle layers which is one of my favourite fabrics for skirts and dresses. Also, I've put on all of my faux pearl necklaces for the photos, and I really love the effect of pearl layering...I might start to wear them like that for parties and some special they're too heavy for an everyday wearing.

Oh! Remember that competition for an outfit for a carnival party? One of my outfits got the second place (this one)! I don't even care that it's not the first place, because the prizes for those two places were the same;) Now, the only thing left to do is to wait for my set of cosmetics to come to me...

P.S. In spite of the fact that I hate this horrid wind, I love the effect of the wind on the pictures!
P.P.S. Sorry for such a chaotic post ;)

Photos by: Monika Hoffmann

Prom Dress - H&M
Faux Pearl Necklaces - Topshop, Accessorize, Claires, Atmosphere, BHs
Pearl Bracelets - Atmosphere, Claires

Sunday, 8 March 2009

To ask the Sea for Answers

Last weekend me and 2 of my friends, including Monika the girl who was taking those recent pictures of me, visited a town called St Andrews, which is a lovely seaside place with loads of character. I really loved it from the moment we got off the bus, with all of its old cottages and other buildings it was the cutest town ever. The castle ruins which were directly next to the sea and the beach looked stunning, so did the cathedral ruins which overlooked the sea and were situated on a cliff, and I was just thinking "Why haven't I been here before? It's only like an hour by bus from the city I live in!".
All of these pictures of me were taken on that little beach beside the castle ruins, therefore it was really beautiful environment to work in, although it was a bit of a challenge being in my high heels there and climbing that rock in them;) It was almost empty when she began taking the pictures, but after awhile we've gathered quite an audience, which was quite funny and also a bit distracting, but anyway we've managed to finish it off.

Photos by: Monika Hoffmann

Dress - no name
Gladiator Sandals - Peacocks
Pearl Headband - Matalan

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Where angels sing And spread their wings

And here is another set of photographs taken by Monika, who unfortunately is leaving the UK today - she is going back to Poland. Luckily, I've still got some more pictures to show you, because we've spread the photoshoot to a couple of days, but after I use them I'll probably have to go back to the previous photo taking way ... which I'm not really happy about, unless my boyfriend will agree to going to the garden or someplace else with me once a week and taking the photos ... I've asked him today and he told me that he'll think about it ... so fingers crossed:D I really enjoyed the whole experience with posing and having my pictures taken by M. and I think I might actually miss is it, therefore I'm really looking forward to her coming here again.

At last, I could use one of my favourite themes in these pictures, namely, ANGELS. I've been quite obsessed with them for a while now. I think it's mostly the case of liking the image of them.. more than their 'heavenly connections';D. I've started collecting angel figurines when I was a high school student and I still feel like I want to add more and more of them to my collection, so every time I've got an opportunity to buy a new one, I'm obviously doing that ... I hope I will have a chance to show you all of them some day ... as it is impossible just now, because most of them are in my family house in Poland.

Photos by: Monika Hoffmann

Dress - Atmosphere
Gladiator Sandals - Peacocks
Pearl Necklaces - Topshop