Thursday, 21 April 2011

Eyes On Fire

It feels a bit weird posting these photos when it’s so warm and sunny outside, but I’ve taken them a week or so ago and I really wanted to show you a brooch that I recently received from Stolen Thunder. I fell in love with it when I’ve first seen it on their website, but I loved it even more when I opened a little package and I could smell a rich scent of wood…it’s like the loveliest thing ever As for the blouse I’ve recently thrifted it in my local second hand shop and I couldn’t believe my luck when I’ve found it! It’s got the perfect check print, lovely white collar and amazing red ribbon that you can tie any way you want. Perfection

Oh and sorry for not updating new posts too often recently, but that’ll change in some time as I’ll soon start a style challenge with Siren where I’ll be using the same limited amount of clothes in different variations for a week, so you can expect more frequent updates!

Have a great Easter weekend, my dears!

Coat - Primark

Blouse - thrifted

Skirt - Orsay

Oxfords - Zara

Brooch - Stolen Thunder

Bag - Vintage