Wednesday, 13 May 2009

I was always careless as a child

Zips are everywhere now and the zip dress from H&M I'm wearing in this post is probably everywhere as well. That is why I've tried to reinvent it, and wear it a bit differently. I've seen people wearing tops underneath it, which didn't look good, I've also seen people wearing tops over it, and this was quite alright, giving the impression of a zip skirt, which was lovely. I basically wanted to make a zip top of it, and as I've been wearing it with the tutu skirt for quite some time now, I figured out that it's time for it to be photographed:) Immediately after choosing an outfit for usual Sunday photoshoots, I knew exactly what location would suit it and it's actually a building that's in the park situated almost next to my flat. As soon as me and Basia got out to take these, it started to rain, so it was like -oh so now what ...just take a couple of photos quickly and we'll leave...- and it really was a couple of shots because in about two minutes it was raining quite heavily;D Basically, we've returned to the spot in the afternoon when the sun came back, but I think the photos taken when it was grey and rainy turned out better...
And....tomorrow I'm going to the cinema to see Angels and Demons ...I can't wait! Hope I won't be disappointed as it was with Da Vinci Code, because the book was superb.

Zip Dress - H&M
Tutu Skirt - H&M
Heels - Atmosphere
Pearl Necklaces - Topshop, Claires, BHs, Dorothy Perkins