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HoneyBunny in Wonderland is a personal style blog featuring fashion, music, film and other musings.

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Collaborations&Sponsorships: I’m open to the idea of collaborations&sposorships that do not involve traditional sponsorship (involving a monetary transaction).  If you have any ideas or proposals that are mutually beneficial, feel free to contact me. As a sponsor, you can also purchase a photo ad on my blog, to be located in the top of the left sidebar, underneath the Lookbook badge. I can also hold a giveaway of one of your items.

Wear an item you sell- As a sponsor, if you'd like to send me a product that would suit my style I would love to do an outfit post. I list every item I'm wearing and I post all of my looks on chictopia, (lookbook),, chicisimo and facebook.

Please contact me at for more information and rates.