Thursday, 29 January 2015

Please don't get answers from eyes
You know that mine can't lie quite as well as yours

For the past couple of days I've been getting excited about how many concerts I'm going to see in upcoming months (White Fence, Peace, Allah-las and Pond!), discovering Art Nouveau buildings in Brussels (I cannot believe how many of them I haven't seen!), feeling the need to draw again (have already done a couple of illustrations) and obsessively listening to Tame Impala (hence today's song). I guess I just need to occupy myself with all that to take my attention off that horrible, drab, grey and freezing weather and the fact that I actually hate Januaries. Outfitwise, it's all about one of my favourite pieces this winter, namely, the Aztec print poncho-sweater. It's such a versatile piece as you can throw it over basically anything, even a leather jacket – which is my favourite way to wear it. 

Poncho, sweater-dress – H&M
Hat – Boohoo
Boots – New Look

Friday, 16 January 2015

Courage, dear heart

This past grey and rainy week made me really miss snowy and white winter I've had a chance to experience back in Poland as it always makes me more positive, motivated and creative and even though it's usually freezing cold it makes up for it in appearance. Today's post is still set in the same winter wonderland as the previous one and I just love how the snow reflects the light and how it turns out on photos. Outfitwise, it's all about my favourite cosy sweater, which I could basically wear all the time, plus a coat featuring my favourite plaid print. On another note, I've recently bought a ticket to see White Fence in Brussels on the 31st January! Excited much and I so cannot wait!

Sweater – H&M
Boots – New Look
Coat – Rose Wholesale
Hat - BooHoo

Monday, 5 January 2015

You are a mirror
A reflection of your mind

So here's the first post in 2015 and although I'm already in Brussels, my mind is still back in my hometown where I've spent last two weeks. I've been meeting tons of friends, decorating gingerbread cookies with my brother whilst listening to Joy Division, playing board games with my family sound-tracked by The Doors, meeting Mr Fox in the park right next to my house and seeing everything with fresh eyes, hence photographing everything around me. It was the best time ever and I wish it could last longer! On the second day of Christmas, I was greeted with quite a lot of snow outside and decided to have photos taken for this post and as I've recently bought this lovely deer hand mirror from Merry Meet Me, I immedately knew it would be a perfect fit for both the outfit and the winter wonderland scenery

Dress – Urban Outfitters

Cardigan - Primark