Saturday, 25 April 2009

Poisoned Apple

Last Sunday was the perfect opportunity to go out and take some lovely pictures and as you can see I've taken advantage of it, with lots of help from my friend Basia, who was taking the photographs. I had an idea for this photoshoot, which was basically Snow White, for quite a while, and it seemed kind of easy, because the only prop I needed was an apple. I love how these turned out and how beautiful the meadow with all of those daisies looks. The colours looked perfect and unintentionally kind of matched by outfit, in a way that one complimented the other.
That dress was actually still with the tags when I decided to wear it, although I've bought it last year I think. I've bought it on sale, but after a couple of weeks I started to think that I don't really want it, and I'll sell it...but I couldn't and I'm happy I haven't.

I was thinking about another photo shoot with a fairy tale theme, but still ...I can't really think of anything that would be kind of easy to achieve when it comes to props etc. and would suit me. Have you got any ideas maybe?
I hope the weather tomorrow will be as beautiful as last Sunday, as I want to go out and get some outdoors pictures for the forthcoming posts, as I love the pictures taken in the open air and in the sunny weather..the light is purely amazing then...

Dress - River Island
Shoes - Atmosphere

P.S. I love Japanese! And it's not as hard to learn as I thought:)

Monday, 20 April 2009

First Love Never Dies

Okay, so I'm now getting seriously bored with staying home and not having a job, and I can really feel that crisis on the job market badly, but I finally have some time to do the things I've never managed to make myself to do because of work! Last week, for example, I've borrowed two language courses and I've started to learn Japanese! I'm so happy about it, cause it's one of those languages I've always wanted to speak and it really is a challenge because it's nothing like the languages I've ever spoke. Speaking about the languages, I think it's one of those things I could occupy myself with all the time. First, I always knew that I'll be studying English, and so it happened, moreover I've ended up in the UK (came here to study social science). Apart from that I've been studying French at school, and Italian and Spanish in my free time and when visiting Italy or Spain, so I know them on the communicative level, although I'd like to study those further... Oh! And I've recently applied for a position of Polish-English, Eng-Pol translator and interpreter and I so want this would be ideal for me! Fingers crossed...
The outfit is the one I've been planning to wear for more than 6 months! I've finally managed, and I think it'll be one of my favourite spring ensembles. Again I've bought that striped top in a charity shop for a pound!:D

Biker Jacket - Atmosphere
Striped Top - New Look (Sh)
Leggings - New Look
Gladiator Sandals - Peacocks
Quilted Bag - Dorothy Perkins