Monday, 5 October 2009

Join the Dots + The Sunshine Avenue

Today I'd like to introduce you to a little online shop called The Sunshine Avenue run by lovely Lizzy♥ I have totally fallen in love with almost all of the items in the store! You can even find vintage clothes there which I adore. Lizzy was so kind that she let me choose one of the items from her store I loved the most and she sent it over to me! Thanks so so much dear!
It was a hard choice, but I finally made up my mind and picked this gorgeous black structured dress. It so so versatile and lovely! The other item that I've totally fallen in love with is this lace top with black collar♥ It's just so perfect!

Be sure to check The Sunshine Avenue out, as it's got so many stunning items and great prices!

Oh! And I've finally found sheer dotted tights, which I've been looking for for so long! I can't stop wearing them:D
You can still vote for me HERE :))) Thanks so much in advance to everyone who will♥
Prosze o glosik na mne TUTAJ :))) Bede bardzo wdzieczna i z gory dziekuje!♥

Dress - The Sunshine Avenue
Dotted Tights -
Shoes - New Look
Bracelets - Claires