Monday, 30 August 2010

LAMiS 2010

I've came back from the Summer Fashion and Styling Academy on Saturday and I already miss Cracow! ♥ I've had such a lovely time and met a couple of fantastic people (who I shared a room with in a hostel). I was lucky enough that another blogger from my hometown won the same competition and we were able to go together, what's more she turned out to be such a sweet girl, thanks Dagmara! ♥
During the first three days we've had some lectures about AW '10 trends etc. plus we've worked on t-shirt DIYs, the latter turned out to be quite troublesome, especially for a person like me, who is not necessarily talented in sewing ;D Also, Wednesday was the day that I've had my photo shoot taken, for which I was supposed to style myself according to this autumn's trends. I'll show you the results of that as soon as I get the photographs, I haven't even seen them myself yet! On Thursday and Friday we've been learning about fashion photography and then we've had a chance to take a few photos of each other, which was quite fun too! The whole academy ended on Friday with a party organised by, where our competition photos were being exhibited.

All in all, I've had a lovely time and it was a great experience especially thanks to the people I've spent that time with and it was really fun to be living in Cracow for almost a week! ♥

Here are some random photos from last week:

The thin building was our hostel

the view from our kitchen window

me with my roommates

Dagmara & co ;)

backstage photos

me & my flamingo :D

honeybunny in teddybearland ;D

Photos by: Dagmara, Monika & me