Monday, 17 March 2014

The one you fell for
makes it seem juvenile
And you'll laugh
At yourself
Again and again

Another hiatus on the blog, but there is hope that I'm back and I'm here to stay for loger this time. I've managed to collect quite a lot of material for the upcoming posts, therefore it will be easier for me to update the blog on a regular basis for some time to come. It seems for awhile now the spring has come too early and hopefully it'll stay this way, as I've decided to box all the heavier coats and sweaters today, but everytime I do that it seems to be some kind of bad omen and the cold comes back. Let's hope it's not going to happen this time. Outfitwise, I present you with one of those sale bargains I'm most proud of, cause I've been waiting for ages for its price to go down to a reasonable level and then by total coincidence, it happened. I love it to pieces, it's got the perfect silhouette and print. Another crucial part is my moderately new name necklace. We all know the famous 'Carrie necklace' featured in Sex and the City. I always wanted to have one like that as I think personalized jewelry is such a lovely thing to have. Love it so much!

Dress – Zara

Necklace – Onecklace

Bag – Primark

I've been listening to them obbsesively for some time now, plus, I've recently bought a ticket to see Arctic Monkeys in Berlin this June! I'm super excited and I sooooo can't wait!


  1. Prześliczna sukienka, wyglądasz w niej pięknie, pozdrawiam. :)

  2. Sweet pictures and a great look - amazing dress! :)

  3. Such a stunning dress - I love the pop of colour and your beautiful hair against the moody background!

  4. niesamowite zdjęcia, taki chill

  5. Piękne mgliste zdjęcia i sukienka cudna:)

  6. muszę napisać, że kocham Twoje stylizacje, na każdej wyglądasz na trochę nie z tej epoki ale jednocześnie na do tej epoki pasującą idealnie. świetne, podziwiam szczerze

  7. Goździki! Piękne...i kolor Twoich włosów...Ta energia mnie powala:*

  8. wyglądasz świetnie, a włosów zazdroszczę ci już od dawna (widziałam cię na koncercie foals, nie dało się twoich włosów nie zauważyć) :) no i świetny ten twój tatuaż! a tak poza tym to strasznie zazdroszczę biletów na arctic monkeys, to zespół mojego życia, a niestety sesja nie pozwala się wybrać do berlina :(