Thursday, 28 August 2014

we turn our backs to end of time
so we can let the moment stay

Here's the first post to my love for kimonos. I've adored them for over a year now, but only started my little collection this year. I've got three so far and I am certain the number will be growing steadily. The one I'm wearing in today's post is from Sheinside and I really fell in love with the print and the tassels. It's like an epitome of summer, which sadly is heading towards the end.
The past month, I've been visiting lovely Bruxelles like crazy (it's so beautiful here), getting used to the new place, discovering all the pretty places around where I live, reading a lot, watching hundreds of movies (The Double was the last one I've seen, it's genius!), listening to loads of music, getting excited over this autumn's concerts (Allah-Las, The Horrors, Temples - to name a few) and obviously looking for a job. Busy, busy, busy.
Have a lovely rest of the week my dear readers!


Kimono – Sheinside

Shorts – River Island