Tuesday, 8 October 2013

We'll part as happy strangers
From a long friendship
That grew from such a love

Another summer post is here! This dress was (still is, even though it’s sometimes a bit too cold for it) actually my favourite piece of clothing the past summer and I could basically wear it all the time. Unfortunately, it’s time for thick tights, warm sweaters and heavy coats now. In spite of that I always try to incorporate my summer clothes into my autumn and winter wardrobe through layering, which is always so much fun!
Have a lovely week, my dears!

Dress – River Island

Shoes – New Look

Satchel – H&M

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Can’t stop listening to this song + I love the lyrics so much!


  1. Śliczna sukienka i zdjęcia, pozdrawiam serdecznie. :)

  2. Chcę lato! I taką sukienkę <3 Śliczna!

  3. Piękna sukienka, piękna Ty!

  4. świetnie wyglądasz :) sukieneczka urocza!

  5. Urocza sukienka Fajny, pensjonarski urok:)

  6. tutaj, to naprawdę jak Alicja wyglądasz!!! prześlicznie!

  7. beautiful, as always. you make me want to wear burnt orange forever. never stop blogging. <3