Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Well the morning was complete.
There was tears on the steering wheel dripping on the seat,
Several hours or several weeks,
I'd have the cheek to say they're equally as bleak

Portugal was truly beautiful and I've spent the best of times driving around the South of the country visiting little villages and bigger towns, admiring the architecture, soaking up in the sun and swimming in the ocean, taking thousands of photos, eating all the local food (got addicted to pasteis de nata!) and hunting down dinosaur prints, being in awe with the cliffs at Europe's south-westernmost point and walking down the coastline for miles and miles admiring sunsets. On the last day I went to Lisbon, but a day in that beautiful city is not enough, hence I plan to come back and visit it alongside with Sintra in the near future. Anyways, today's look was my sightseeing-lisbon outfit and features one of my favourite summer dresses. I also added some pictures I've taken during my travels. Enjoy!


Dinosaur prints in Salema!

Dress – H&M
Sandals – Primark
Bag – Brandy Melville


  1. Yeyy, you came to my country! I've been following you since ever, and you were here! So nice :)

  2. Ależ tam pięknie! Aż dech zapiera! Ładnie się w te klimaty wtopiłaś;)))
    Śliczna sukienka!