Friday, 27 November 2015

And of all the lift homes and all the mixed feelings
You're cuts above

Christmas time is nearer and nearer and it almost felt like it is already here, when I have recently received this beautiful wooden watch from Jord. I think it such a great gift idea, since it is classy and unusual at the same time. The warm wooden bracelet (that the guys from Jord made smaller for me, since I always have a problem with too big watch bracelets!) suits practically every style and age and I have been wearing it ever since I've got it.
As for the Jord watches - they’re made of hardwoods from all around the world, which are aged in the open air and sealed with natural oil extracts. Sounds exciting right? What’s more, the mechanism is hand finished , which only adds to the charm. I really cannot recommend this pretty little thing enough!

Dress - Zara
Watch - Jord Watches