Wednesday, 9 December 2015

But when I reach out
you seem quite cold
still my impression lingers deep within your soul

So it's December again! I just love love love this time of the year, so I'm super excited! At this very moment, I'm all about Christmas trees, decorations, gift wrapping, fairy lights everywhere, gingerbread men, hot coffee, blankets and Christmas spiced tea. Also, since it's not that cold, I've been spending lots of time on the Christmas market, museums and exploring various parts of the city for interesting architecture. 
Outfitwise, I've been living in this sweater for some time now and it's so warm and cosy, I could wear it forever. It also complements the gorgeous arrow necklace that I've recently received from Onecklace and cannot stop wearing as well. It's so lovely that you can engrave anything on it. 
As you can see on the last photo, I've received another one too, but that one will get a feature in the next post!

Sweater & leather skirt - H&M, Necklace - Onecklace 


  1. piękne naszyjniki, uwielbiam też to jak ładnie ten sweterek komponuje się z kolorem Twoich włosów :)

  2. Ładnie:) Ciemne kolory i rudość zgrywają się idealnie:)